Pulse Analysis

Pulse Diagnosis is the gold standard in identifying almost any illness when considering Traditional Chinese Medicine. It helps the practitioner detect signs of distress in the body and helps to reveal patterns of ill health.

The first mention of Pulse Diagnosis dates back over 2,100 years but it is a technique that’s still used today to diagnose modern ailments. Its advantage is in its ability to provide a clear understanding into the root cause of a disease.

When the pulse’s shape or depth are abnormal, it is detected during a pulse reading. Correcting these abnormalities are how health is restored in the patient, which is accomplished with herbs and/ or acupuncture.

Over the centuries, brilliant physicians defined the many distinctions in the pulse of the radial artery. The radial pulse contains vast amounts of information that correlate how blood is flowing through specific regions of the body, including the vital organs. The characteristics and unique distinctions of the pulses reveal insights into many common health concerns, how they relate to one another and the overall functioning of each organ system.

By examining the pulse, we are able to determine which areas of the body may not be receiving adequate or efficient blood flow, including the heart itself – the organ responsible for carrying out this critical task.

A resilient cardiovascular system is the key to living a long and healthy life, and at Acupuncture Huntington Beach, heart health is always top priority.


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