Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse Diagnosis is the gold standard in identifying and diagnosing illnesses and imbalances according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the most efficient way to detect signs of distress in the body.

The first mention of it dates back over 2,000 years and it is a technique that is still used today to diagnose so many of our modern ailments. Its advantage is its ability to provide a clear understanding into the root cause of ill health, whether physical or emotional. The patient doesn’t even have to speak the same language as the practitioner and that practitioner will still know which herbs to prescribe to that patient to restore the proper functioning of their body.

The shape, strength and depth of the pulse indicate if something is chronically wrong with that person’s health. A skilled practitioner can assess this in a matter of seconds during a pulse reading. Once the diagnosis is clear as determined by the pulse, it must be corrected. This is done with herbs and/or acupuncture. Once the pulse is fixed, that patient no longer has any health problems.

Thankfully, physicians throughout the centuries developed this method of diagnosis and it can be quite difficult to grasp how much information is contained in such a small piece of real estate known as the radial artery. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a true cardiovascular medicine.

By understanding the pulses, only then do we know how well blood is flowing through the body and its vital organs. Needless to say, a healthy and resilient cardiovascular system is the most important factor to living a long, healthy life full of vitality. At Acupuncture HB, heart health is always top priority.


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