Chinese Herbal Medicine is a time-tested medical practice that was developed for the Chinese Emperor. Did you know the emperor used to live to be about 120 years old? This is during a period when the average lifespan in Western Europe was about 30 years old!

Chinese herbs consist mostly of plants and minerals but they are nature’s true medicine. When herbs are prescribed correctly, they restore the proper functioning of the body. They are powerfully potent and should be respected.

There are more 9,000 medicinal herbs that are used in China today, some of which have even been adopted in the West because of their potency and successful results. A patient’s pulse, symptoms and body constitution must be taken into careful consideration when determining which herbs to use. Reading and analyzing the pulse is by far the most important because that is what determines the diagnosis. By analyzing the pulses at the radial artery, we then use this sophisticated form of medicine to write herbal formulas based on that diagnosis. The goal is to always fix the pulse, because a normal pulse means that person has no health problems.

This medicine has been in practice and documented for thousands of years. Example texts include Wai Tai Mi Yao Fang compiled in the year 752, or Shang Han Lun from the early third century.

Chinese herbs are a safe and natural approach to healing and the cornerstone of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As your health improves, so does your herbal prescription. Some herbs may no longer be needed, while others may be introduced. Once the pulse is fixed, herbs are no longer needed and the patient will continue to stay healthy, especially when adhering to a proper human diet.


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