Acupuncture Is Highly Effective in Treating Stomach Pain

There are many ailments that Western medicine struggles to treat. One of these is functional dyspepsia (FD), a common gastrointestinal disorder. It’s described as a chronic disorder of sensation and movement in the upper digestive tract. Sufferers may experience one of three types: ulcerative, dysmotility-like and a non-specific form. All three variants focus on the stomach region and can leave a person feeling intense hunger, nausea, bloating and general discomfort that can be relieved for short intervals by antacids.

According to Western medicine, there’s no known reason as to what causes FD. It’s thought to possibly be related to a number of contributing factors including lifestyle choices and medication side-effects, but no hard proof exists. We do know that it affects 1 in 4 adults worldwide – so combating the pain is nevertheless an important issue.

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, the pain caused by FD can be successfully treated by acupuncture. This new study is what is called a meta-analysis, which basically means researchers examine large amounts of studies over several years to chart any patterns that may emerge. In this case, 24 articles detailing over 3,000 trials were analyzed and the findings are incredibly supportive toward the usage of acupuncture for FD sufferers.

Now we have solid proof from those results, which is encouraging for those hoping to live healthy, happy lives with FD. Participants affirmed that acupuncture “significantly improved” symptoms and “FD-related and health-related quality of life.” This is a major step in the right direction for lessening the discomfort experienced by those with stomach pain.

At acuHB we can help walk you through a program designed to help relieve chronic pain like FD and other illness.

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